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Latest 5 panelled baseball caps:

Baseball caps have long been in fashion for its sleek and comfortable designs that are like by professionals. There are conventionally many varieties of the hats out there that are manufactured by Gold Headwear. One of the most successful design is the 5 panel baseball hats that has got a large front panel offering a big canvas for any sort of embellishment or large prints of logos or embroideries that have to be carved out. Being fashion oriented the industry has witnessed a paradigm shift since 2016 and many brands are starting to incorporate custom 5 panel hats { }to their collections.

Gold Headwear recommends the clients to have big patches and distressed visors because they work brilliantly with the customised caps.
Just like all the other caps manufactured, these 5 panel baseball hats are customised as per the request of the client. With the best fabrics from the market being used the clients are ensured with top notch quality products. The customisations offered are unlimited with the number of options available letting the creativity of the artist or the professional coming out. The experienced team at Gold Headwear works with precision to ensure a perfect design and also guide you along the process and let you know all the fitting customisations for your personalised cap.

• A premium and hand sourced material
• Unlimited customisation option
• Curved visor by a highly resistant plastic insert
• Front panel being reinforced with the use of buckram
• Kid’s size are also available.
The degree of customisation exist in all the facets of the cap such as the type of closure, the visor type, kind of fabric used for the cap and embellishment options for the client. The embellishments can have embroidery, labels or any signature to be imparted upon the cap depicting the affiliation of the player.