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Live your life smartly with the smart tips!

Here are some super-smart tips for easing down many of the problems so just have a look at these quirky life hacks!

1. Bows saving your winter chills

If you are going to hike the mountains and feeling the winters cutting your spine down then take the Japanese bows ten times. It is a sign of showing respect in Japan but you can use it for own benefit as well. This gesture will increase the blood circulation in your arteries and you will naturally feel warm.

2. Escape that laptop strain

Have you been severely affected by working on laptop then we got a super hack for you, just take an adhesive tape and stick it across your forehead starting from the temples. Do it such that your forehead gets a bit pulled up near the corner of your eyes. This super tip helps you a lot in easing out the tension that builds up in the upper part of the body the effect of which is felt across your lower portion.

3. Rubber band wonders

You can simply do wonders with this hack tip if you are going to some travel spree. Packing your bags can be troublesome as your bag may have a lesser space. To accommodate most of the clothes you can make a neat roll of your t-shirts and pajamas and keep it in your bag. This makes it a lot easier for you to find the stuff in an easier way.

4. Broken keyboard stands!

If the stands of your keyboard are broken then a binder clip can serve as a perfect substitute to that. Simply tuck the binder clips and here is your keyboard ready for your convenience.

5. You can use a paper clip to the end of the adhesive tape to find its end