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H-1B Visa Assistance Can Help You In Getting Job In U.S

H-1B visa is basically a temporary working specialist visa, which allows US companies to employ any foreign person for job. The worker needs to possess theoretical or technical expertise in any particular areas like- architecture, mathematics, medicine or science. This visa allows the companies to hire foreign worker for up to six years.

In comparison to green card getting H-1B visa is easier, therefore companies try to bring only those staff which can stay with them for longer duration. Employers are only allowed to access h-1b visa, no individual can apply for it separately. They are required to apply for the visa before six month of the actual time period of start. You can get H-1B visa assistance from immigration service provider, who helps you in getting visa through all legal ways.for more info please visit this website:

H-1B visa policy amendments

Different bills have proposed various changes in the existing norm of the visa. The proposed changes are:
• It has doubled the salary of H-1B visa holders
• Firms should first try to fill the vacancy with Americans
• Instead of lottery system for H-1B visa, preference is to be given to educated U.S students
• Stop those industries who hire employees for their own short term benefit and then lay off the employees
• Per country cap system has been removed from the visa, to provide equal opportunities to all
• Not more than 50 employees can be hired from H-1B visa
• Strict audit is ensured on all the firms to watch their activities that whether they are abiding the rules or not
• 20 percent of H-1B visa are allotted to all those firms which are small

If your company is looking for foreign employees then you can take H-1B visa assistance provided by many immigration attorneys. They offer free consultation which can guide you best before hiring.