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Best Anti Aging Cream: What To Consider For Best Result

anti aging cream

There is much controversy concerning what is the right age when a woman should start using an anti aging cream to impede wrinkles and blemishes. Well, wrinkle creams are one of the hotly debated beauty items, few think 30 is the right age to start using anti aging cream, and few say 25 whereas few believe post 35 is the right time to start using anti aging cream Surprisingly all these guesses and calculations are devoid of any logical analysis or sound knowledge, they are just some mere speculations oozed out of advertisements that we see on TV or we hear from local beauty experts.

Something Worth Knowing

• Survey and researches say, dry skin tends to develop wrinkles much earlier than oily skin, so it is better to use anti aging cream having antioxidants at much earlier age like 21 or 22.
• Instead of using anti aging cream, it is better to use wrinkle serum as the serum will prevent the fine lines along with breakouts and blemishes.
• Those having a habit of exfoliating their skin every now and then are tend to damage skin's barrier function, especially when they are in 20s.
• Now normally cell functions occur in 20s and so using anti aging cream may disturb the normal process as the presence of the agents in cream like lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acid
exfoliate aggressively the protective layer of the skin.
• Top anti aging cream focuses on treating the drier and parched areas of the face.
• So if there are fine lines or dehydrated areas its better to plunge into this category earlier.

What To Check Before Buying

• Best anti aging cream contains vitamin combined with peptides to speed up cell turnover making the skin look younger, smoother, healthier, blemish free and glowing.
• There are chemical as well as herbal anti aging cream available in market, even newer versions are coming along.
• Its better to buy item right after going through reviews , understanding the skin type and its demands.