Ingenious step Alibaba in acquisition Lazada

The latest news from the realm of international ecommerce, raises a fairly shocking information i.e. step company Alibaba who acquires a large network of ecommerce, Lazada. As it known that Alibaba now to become a great player for the ecommerce industry in the Asian region. Not only for the State of China as a land of birth, in fact ecommerce Alibaba also constantly working to expanding business in a number of countries in the Asian region.

And the latest, Alibaba are aiming for Southeast Asian market as the next targets. To smooth these steps, the company hosts Jack Ma has been the acquisition of one of the largest ecommerce Network Southeast Asia namely Lazada. No joke, the successful acquisition of ditoreh value reaches $ 1 billion dollars or about Rp13,2 trillion.

More information about the acquisition, mega can be listened through the article below.

Alibaba Aggressive Ahold Asia

In some business estimates, indicated that Alibaba is now a key player in Asia-ecommerce industry with nearly 50% of the total market share. In addition to the local area of China as the parent of such companies, Alibaba has also established its dominance as an online shopping service provider most interested for several years later.

But who would have thought that with the huge attainment does not make developer Alibaba feel enough for expanding business. In an official description, Alibaba recalled that the existence of a stagnation in business expansion can be a barrier to even trigger the decline of business to the future.

This is the main reason why Alibaba is so vigorous business expansion especially in Asia. In addition, do not want overtaken by competitors that exist in American and European markets, Alibaba would prefer the strategy of “parking the bus” in some strategic areas in this Southeast Asia does have a potential big ecommerce business.

This strategy is evidenced by step ecommerce network acquires Lazada Alibaba. The decision that suck funds “mahar” that not a few of these, certainly based on a mature with the calculation by the developers. Currently Lazada arguably does have a potential market in Southeast Asia. Some countries that have been accosted by Lazada, among others, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam.

By doing the acquisition of a majority stake in Lazada, obviously it becomes a profit while investment to retain dominance Alibaba not only in China but throughout Asia.

“With investment in Alibaba Lazada, adding access to a platform that has a huge consumer base and continue to grow outside of China. This is evidence of the management team and a solid foundation, “said Alibaba President Michael Evans.

Alibaba’s Acquisition Mechanism Against Lazada

The decision came after the company’s Lazada acquisition by Alibaba, appears also detailed an agreement about the mega project. Submitted that the current stocks of companies that constitute the business wing Lazada from Germany Internet Rocket group, still owned by several parties.

After the acquisition of a majority stake in Alibaba thoroughly Lazada, then have the option to purchase the entire stock left over from several parties i.e. Rocket Internet amounting to 8.8 per cent, Tesco of 8.3% and 3.6% stake by Kinnevik. The deadline is the purchase of remaining shares, restricted in the next 12 to 18 months.

Then what exactly is the advantage that can be exploited by Alibaba in connection with this acquisition process? an analyst RHB Research Institute Sdn, Li Yujie stated that, in a simple to build a new business unit in this ecommerce in a country certainly requires many large funds in addition to also take a long time. With annexed the Lazada that already have “land” in several Southeast Asian countries, certainly the Alibaba did not have to pay costs more to do business expansion.

The next step, China is known as the country’s manufacturers to various products, the later can be used to supply the barns-barn ecommerce that is in each of these countries. Coupled with the price of the product which is relatively oblique, will be many advantages that can be gained by Alibaba in the business turnaround.

“What is Alibaba could do is integrate business and introducing existing salespeople to Lazada for exporting products to overseas merchandise,” explains Yujie.

Tips On Choosing Powerbank

The need for battery power smartphones now is indeed getting bigger. How not, the use of mobile phones are getting higher every day makes people had no time to go to a place that provides charging mobile phones.

With the flurry of very tall, they require power storage tools they can take it anywhere to be able to immediately use recharge power wherever he wanted. Then came the tool named powerbank functioning store power for later use as a portable charging could be taken anywhere.

The increasing demand for business creation, making the powerbank powerbank is increasingly of interest of many manufacturers. Then came the diverse powerbank with various brands and capacity that now we can choose and we use for our daily needs. But the presence of a wide range of powerbank turned out thus making lots of making consumers precise powerbank was puzzled as decisive.

For those of you who still feel the confusion of determining and selecting powerbank, you could try some of the following tips.

1. make sure Your Gadget is compatible with

The first tips to choose a good powerbank is to find out about compatibility include battery power and electricity in accordance with your mobile phone. You can find this information on a second mobile phone battery and charger on your cell phone. By ensuring information battery and an electric current is then you will be able to see the condition and suitability of the cell phone with powerbank you will buy.

2. find the appropriate Condition With Powerbank Battery cell phone

After finding out the condition and information power and electricity at your cell phone battery, next step you need to do is find a powerbank has compatibility with your battery. If your battery has a weak electrical current, then don’t buy a powerbank has a large electrical current.

This is due to the electric current that is not balanced or could cause damage to the device disandingkannya. However, if the condition of your cell phone battery has little power, then you can choose a size batteries rather large powerbank or appropriate, it is done so that you can charge your phone battery up to full in one time charging. Thus, you do not need to worry about running out of battery while a State of emergency.

3. Note the number of ports on a Powerbank

Powerbank that has more than one port of the charger should be a concern to you. If you have more than one mobile phone you always take it in everyday life, then the choice powerbank that have many port charger is the best choice.

With the port that corresponds to the number of the phone you have, the more will certainly facilitate and streamline you to fill Your #gadget simultaneously. From this time, ease and practicality in bringing powerbank will you get.

4. Search Powerbank features Power-cut

For more secure you from things that could make Your posel damaged because the process of charging, then you can choose powerbank that features a power-cut. Features of power-cut yourself is a feature of the powerbank has the ability to disconnect electricity in case something goes wrong from power or electricity. The existence of this feature, then your phone will be spared from damage in the event of shorting or electric power suddenly go up or down.

5. Search Powerbank features Auto-Cut

The charging process is indeed often make users forget to let charging takes place continuously without stopping. The charging process is often uncontrolled is certainly a little lot will bring a bad impact for your cell phone.

Therefore to avoid damage to cell phones because the process of charging this uncontrollable, you can buy a powerbank to feature auto-cut. Features auto-cut itself serves to disconnect electrical current when the battery is fully charged in the charging process. From here then your cell phone battery also will be far more durable.

6. Select Original Powerbank Products

Lastly, tips for choosing a good powerbank is to choose or buy powerbank who already have iconic brands and original. Yes, originality is also indeed must be vigilance you because it is currently not a little fake goods. With powerbank which has brands that are already well known and original, then the least powerbank ensures durability and make your cell phone safe from any harm.

5 steps in order for your Smartphone Always Looks New

Have a smartphone is very fun. Moreover, the smartphone we have is still new. Of course with our new smartphone will appear confident and increasingly exist with many advanced features that exist on this smart phone. I myself also always crave for have a smartphone always new. Unfortunately due to the financial conditions of the infinite then any trouble if I had to buy a new smartphone.

Even though me and maybe you too difficult to buy a new smartphone on an ongoing basis, but not yet mean we are running out of ways to make us appear with new smartphones constantly. With how to implement a few things here then I am and you’ll be able to get a new smartphone that will make us more exist and confident. Then how do I do this? Following his review.

1. Stay away from direct sunlight

The first step that you can apply to make smartphones a new look is to keep away from the smartphone contacts direct sunlight. Why you should keep your smartphone from direct sunlight? Of course this is conducted to avoid a smartphone so it appears there is not new.

As we know that not all of the components that are in a smartphone can withstand high temperatures. Especially on the component parts of the screen even though it features reflective yet very vulnerable to the Sun which incorporates high. Therefore try not to put your smartphone with direct contact to the Sun if you want to make a smart phone you always appear new.

2. Provide Additional Casing

The following practical ways could also be a solution for those of you who want to make your smartphone appear always new. Yes, by replacing the casing then you would indeed be able to make your smartphone will appear new. So when you find the chassis you already look bad, then you do not need to buy a new smartphone. But just by replacing his casing only then you will be able to get the look of the new smartphone.

If your smartphone does not have the same casing, then you could also add some parts of the casing of a smartphone. Well with the casing is then not only will make the smartphone appear new but will also make the best protection against the risk of collision and friction with other objects.

3. Clean Periodically

Often that makes smartphones seem bad and not new is because of the lack of a smartphone is cleaned. Yes, not just smartphone actually, any items if it is indeed rarely cleaned then it will appear dull and bad.

Thus to make smartphones still looks new then you should not be lazy to frequently clean up. However, to keep in mind, you should not be indiscriminate in cleaning up this smartphone. Please use a special fluid and cloth microfiber to clean it so as not to cause any unwanted scratches.

4. Save in the empty Pocket

Lots of users who often put her in my Pocket smartphone. But unfortunately not everyone knows that not all of the Pocket will be able to create a smartphone so problematic. Because if the smartphone is put in the pocket of the other objects such as coins, keys, and grains of dust then this will make the smartphone will quickly broke down.

Why is this so? Because the moment the smartphone is in the pocket of many metal objects then this will make the screen is scratched. Therefore if you want to keep the smartphone in your pocket, so your Pocket is empty and there are no metal objects in it.

5. Prepare the plastic to hold Water

Finally, steps to make it so new is always seen smartphones by preparing plastic for the anticipation of the rain. Yes, typically several users are indeed indifferent on rain water. Whereas rainwater entering the smartphone certainly will make smart phones become damaged and performed poorly.

Therefore if your smartphone in a category is not waterproof, it should you bring a plastic bag just in case if it rains. If a smartphone has been safe from rain water then this will make Your smart phone so durable and always look new.

Habits Social Media Excess Access Sign Someone Experiencing Depression

In the modern era as the time in social media has changed not only as a site of online communication facilities but also as a bridge in a variety of community activities. Ranging from business to form the community of everything can be done through social media like Facebook, Twitter or other sites.

But did you know that has the habit to access social media sites for many hours in a day could be an indication that we are going through a period of depression. It was officially revealed by researchers from Canada through a study of the influence of the use of social media. The result turned out to be the majority of social media users who that still belongs to young age, experiencing severe problems or depression in a variety of forms.

To prevent us from bad risks of excessive use of social media, we can listen to information about research results in full here.

Many Attacked The Teens

Research on connection conditions of the depression with the use of social media overload is done by a team of International Association of Cyber Psychology, Training & Rehabilitation from Canada. Through such research, has been at observations as much as 750 subjects aged between 13 to 17 years. They were teenagers who are still students or student status as in the area of Ontario Canada.

Through such studies, researchers are trying to uncover what kind of effects from the use of smartphones in particular access to social media are too much against the characteristics or personality of the subject. The result is quite astounding, that the majority of the subject turns to get depressed and using social media as an object of impingement.

Research results are uploaded in the journal Cyber psychology, Behavior, and Social Networking are also revealing the existence of a risk of mental disorders from the users of social media. In this case of course there is a measure of the use of social media services, i.e. up to many hours in a day.
Raises The Opium And Enhance The Sense Of Depression

On a number of previous articles we’ve often discussed about the negative impact the use of social media. One of the most frightening possibility i.e. an addictive opiate nature or against users.

This is what also try delivered by the research team iACToR. One member stated that the restriction of users in accessing social media is absolutely necessary. The habit of visiting the social media until many hours in the day allows a sense of opium that arise within us. In fact the risk is likely will beat the other important things in one’s life.

“The capacity of the social media usage should be restricted accordingly. If used continuously for a period of many hours, then it will create a sense of opium for the people and will change the way that social media users point of view belong to the primary thing in his life, “explained research team.
Caused By Lack Of Physical Activity

During the research process progresses, the team also noted whether the cause of someone can be addicted to using social media and it is difficult to stop using it. Results of the study indicated that the majority of the subject apparently has no other activities to fill the time. Especially at night, physical activity tends to be more utilized for something less useful.

“Social Media serves as a means of communication and information seekers if needed, but it can be turned 360 degrees to be a function of the ‘ filler ‘ thirst users while being lonely,” wrote research results.

If this condition is allowed to continue to go on, the possibility of advanced depression is very likely to occur. If it comes to the stage, the risk could be to cause severe depression, suicide or acts of cyber bullying.

As a closing statement, the research team recommends that all main parties able to encourage young families to more or at least offset the daily activities with physical activity such as exercise or run his other hobbies.

“It should be a function of social media is restricted. While there is still time and not too late, is now the role parents should supervise their children so that things do not happen. “

The Importance Of Social Media In A Changing World

Every day even in a matter of seconds, the billions of people around the world have been using social #media. In 2018, predicted there would be about 2.44 billion people who have been using social media, where in 2010 only totaled 970 thousand people. This graph shows a significant increase, where the role of the social media alone up to now has not been replaced again.

Own a true social media has been used by someone to be able to meet a wide range of his interests. For example starting from personal relationships, entertainment, work, and education too. The data collected from the World Economic Forum noted that every minute of it there are more than 30 million messages sent on social media site Facebook, and nearly 350 thousand twit in #Twitter.

Another interesting thing is the growth of social media is not just changing the way people communicate, but also has changed the way people in terms of how to run a business, politics, and also how to relate to others. With conditions like this confirms that social media has brought changes to the survival of the human race.

Here is an observation and prediction of 6 how social media’s role in changing the world from experts in the Global Agenda of the Council. Check out the full review.

1. changes in the world Preaching

The first change begins from the newsroom or the world news coverage. Claire Wardle of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism reveals that these last seven years, the newsroom has been totally disrupted by social media presence. The skills of social media is no longer considered a niche, and is solely the responsibility of a small team in the newsroom. Instead, after a social media presence is affecting and changing the way the entire organization is running.

Something like this is a trend that has begun to spread to the world of business outside of the newsroom itself. Whether all that can happen due to the digital marketing or customer service communications. Other industries should be mindful of this as a learning, and ensure that they are one step ahead of social media.

2. The way people Invest

Just imagine if later we can pay the rent or do #infestation through social networking. Richard Eldridge is a financial service provider Lenddo says that this kind of phenomenon will occur shortly. Social media can change the relationship between banking and the customer in a way that is very significant. Starting from improving customer service to send money to other people through online-based platform, he said.

Technology-based financial firm that is still relatively new, later also will use social media as a tool to help people open bank accounts. With the social media could further ease the person to get a loan. His biggest challenge is in maintaining safety standards and also ensure customers not to provide personal information. The Bank also should be able to apply sophisticated social media policy at the system, close the Eldridge.

3. Healthcare industry

In the healthcare industry alone up to now have been using social media to be able to change their ways and patterns of work. Be it through public health campaigns or virtual doctor visits via Skype. Such a situation also helps community groups, such as patients who are experiencing similar things, can stay in touch, said Shannon Dosemagen of Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science as well as Lee Aase from Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media and its Social Media Health Network.

Not up there alone they said that social media has been responsible for the relevant changes can bring on personal health and also the public, especially to make everything easier for many people to be able to share information quickly.

4. Government and public relations

Participation and community involvement also currently has changed since the existence of social media. Social media has made it possible for its citizens to make it as a place or container in the search for the source of the ideas, plans, and initiatives in a manner that is easier than ever, said Eileen Guo from Impassion Media. In the future, we can expect many more leaders who could create the type of governance that is transparent, in order to make the community easier in terms of interacting with their constituents.

Politicians and Government officials should also perform a variety of ways to continue to interact with citizens. For example, now the Town Hall, online would like to strengthen ties with its community, and want to give you a platform that is to function as a Government initiative on the message input directly.

Before the role of social media that is considered important, the Government originally could only rely on traditional media as gate information. Taylor Owen of the University of British Columbia says that this way now has undergone a change. Most of the symbiotic relationship has been disrupted by the advent of digital technology and social media ecosystem that is active. Challenges like this in fact more serious than World Affairs and international conflict though. It all proved by international actors emerging digital native has been challenging the dominance of the State.

5. The response to the disaster

The existence of a Safety Check feature of Facebook, users who were in the disaster zone allow to be able to inform you that they are safe. CrisisMappers Network revealed that they had seen many cases that have happened, and how social media and the broader digital communication can help respond to the disaster.

Meanwhile Heather Leson from Qatar Computing Research Institute said that, more and more of us are using social media then it will contribute greatly in giving assistance to the victims of the disaster from wherever we are. Moment’s notice they can directly log in when news of natural disasters take place.

This kind of action can be started from the individuals, teams of volunteers to technical #community can do it. This feature will also help close the gap a lot happens in response to disasters worldwide, said Leson.

6. Supporting Social Movements

Revival of Arab countries is one of the most famous examples of how social media can bring change to the world. But all was more than just bringing together activists, is also a matter of the way how to deal with human rights violations. The content that is shared in social media has increased the potential to be used as evidence of the atrocities of the war and the case of the violation of human rights, said Al Shafei Esra’a of Mideast Youth and Melissa Tyas of Crowdvoice.

On the other hand, Shannon Dosemagen, co-founder and Executive Director of Public Lab, said that social media has become an essential tool in order to provide the space and the means for the community to be able to participate in the policy decided by the Government, and also companies that have affected all of us.

The Reason A Billionaire Still Work Even Though It Already Has A Lot Of Money

For a billionaire, money, wealth and luxury amenities are indeed not always being the main achievement standards in one’s life. Private aircraft, cruise ships, even until they had already personally anyway, if we think of, let alone that they want. Everything as it was already in their grasp, but why do they keep working even work harder than other people who aren’t as rich as they are.

There are various reasons that can put forward a related matter. But in general they tend to perceive the wealth is not a target of the work they are doing. They assume that wealth is only part of the process in the course of achieving the main goal. More detail, check out some of the reasons below.

1. work for posterity

Perhaps this is the reason for a classic that is old. They are always thinking of the family especially for children and their grandchildren. Hence the reason it is a logical reason for a billionaire keep working and making money even though they have a lot of money. Moreover, if their is a big family, then think of a guarantee for the future child grandchildren would certainly be something that is most important to his life.

2. In order to be Seen as a Normal

There are some people in foreign countries that even though they are already very rich but still running light work with a salary that is also not much. One case was an old grandmother who won a lottery worth US $ 1.7 million.

Although the lottery-winning grandmother with tremendous value, and yet he still choose be a washerwoman in a hospital. He doesn’t care about people and other people’s views of what he was doing. When asked why he was willing to do the work, that old grandma replied that he just wants to look normal like everyone else.

3. It is indeed a Happy Work

Maybe we often see anyone filthy rich and already elderly but still working like they are still young. In fact we often see such an old billionaire work harder than a young man.

People like this are indeed they are a hard worker and can not just sit silently hands only. Despite their wealth has been very great, they keep working because of the desire to work can not be stopped.

4. Do not want to Squander Opportunities in sight

Another reason which is also often raised when a billionaire still work is they don’t want to just throw away the opportunity that is in front of the eyes. Indeed that’s how think a businessman, instinct they have always said that these opportunities should be arrested. Well, even though it may be the age of aging, but they were already a sharp instinct in catching a business opportunity that there still exist. So of course this makes them not want to ignore the opportunities in front of them.

5. Keep working to fill free time

Most people who have excess wealth still work for the reasons just want to fill the free time. Just enjoy existing leeway while still follow the trend that exists can reduce stress on them from silent without any regular activity.

People like this are more want to live life and enjoy it by filling it with things that are fun. Including one of which is to fill their spare time with work and keep business running as usual.

6. Keep working due to Social Reasons

There are also those who still work for reasons of social. There are some people who lived most of her life by working in a social institution. So they devote themselves to helping others. Those who been against social or charity reasons, usually often share their property to people in need.

Or precisely they worked in a social institution such as having his own Foundation to people who are not lucky. Well, this is the reason that makes them keep working even though they have a lot of money.

Tip A Blogger Being A Great Writer

Become a blogger indeed demanding myself to continue honing their writing skills. Writing is indeed going to be a a routine that must be carried to a blogger to continue to make the blog get a life and get a good traffic.

Well to become a great writer, you as the blogger should be able to have a habit of supporting. Here are a few good habits and are able to make a blogger being a great writer.
1. Eat Healthfully

The first habit to make bloggers into a great writer is a healthy food consumption. Don’t underestimate the food problem, because with the proper intake, healthy and nourishing the body would be very supportive of being able to write well. Remember that when writing we will use members of the body.

Especially the brain will work optimally in the processing of ideas into writing, he must be given a sufficient intake of healthy and nutritious. With a healthy and nutritious intake then a blogger will have the stamina and freshness in executing ideas become great writing. Then any food nourish? Some healthy 4 intake 5 perfect is a reference that can make you a great writer.

2. Be Physical

Even though it does not look like the grunt work that requires stamina overkill, but if you are too often sat and looked at the computer, then your body will quickly tired. To avoid this you can indeed should be able to keep Your health condition and stamina to stay primed.

Here’s how you can do the exercise routine. Gentle exercise such as jogging and origin of gymnastics you do with routine then it is enough to make your body strong. With a healthy body and strong then you will be productive to write and become a great writer.

3. Laugh Out Loud

To become a great writer you need to get used to Your emotions bubbling up. With the forgotten emotion then you can freely to express an idea and your idea. When you freely express your idea and your idea, then you’ll be more likely to make a good writing.

Do not hesitate to keep bubbling up your emotions. When you feel sad, reveal only the sadness of it. When you need to cry then cry alone. If you’re happy, cheer and jump to show your joy.

4. Read

To be a great writer, you inevitably must be diligent to read. Reading is indeed a major financier for the blogger to create works that well. By reading, you’ll not only get the idea to write, but more than that you will also be able to update and enrich the vocabulary and terms for your writing material. Please read any theme which you can read.

Do not focus on reading that only in accordance with your preferred. But try to read all the readings that you can read on an opportunity. To become a great writer, You at least try to read one book a month. More and more books and magazine you read, then the greater the chances You also become a great writer.

5. Connect with Another Writer

As a businessman who needs to expand its business network, a blogger must also be able to have a vast network of bloggers. What are the benefits of expanding the network of bloggers and writers? Of course in addition you can get a friend, you will also be able to acquire science that will benefit your blogging activities.

Then how to can get a network of bloggers and writers? The many ways that you can do for it is like joining a community of bloggers, blog walking and follow the blog, follow mailing lists, attends the book launch, attended a seminar on writer and others. By getting a network of bloggers and writers, then you will be more likely to become a great writer.

6. Write and Write

Lastly, a habit that needs to be done for blogger can be a great writer is to write and keep writing. Menulislah serutin and as much as possible you can do. Don’t waste the chance of your free time for activities that are useless and futile, but more than that write at leisure until You can be more productive.

Don’t wait for a principled mood or idea comes to write menulislah, but then the idea and mood will be created. By applying this habit then you will soon get a chance to be a writer.

Grab Indonesia Plans To Launch Hitch Service

Online-based transport services are indeed in some time later is being rocked by the peculiar problems associated with pros cons and also the legality of its business. But in spite of it all, a lot of companies that are in the industry of online ride sharing that continues to strive to find a solution besides also developed a service that exists today.

One such company Grab that not long ago was planning on laying a new service called Hitch. Conceptually Hitch is a service-based online that aimed to link the vehicle search and also people who have a vehicle to travel from one place to another. Unlike the taxi or taxi online, then the vehicle is a private vehicle that can be used for a variety of interests such as travel or long-distance transportation business affairs.

More information about the latest service launches Grab plan i.e. Grab Hitch, we have auto summary in the article below.

Overview Of The Concept Of Stewardship Grab Hitch

Currently needs adequate transportation would indeed be very important relationships with the mobility of the urban communities. The diverse interests involved ranging from personal to business domain is concerned. It then increase nourish opportunity almost all of the businesses that come into contact with the field of transportation.

See the potential magnitude of still in Indonesia, the company markets digital Grab stated recently will release a new service named Grab Hitch. This service was later adopted the concept as the person being Freeload or take other vehicles. Even though there have been many widely applied, yet the concept of “passenger” offered by Grab Hitch will bring greater benefits for both parties, both for users who require transportation and those with private vehicles.

Potential Development Services Grab Hitch

Before the planned entry in the market of Indonesia, Grab Hitch have first launched in Singapore in November 2015 since then. And to Indonesia itself, the developers still can not provide certainty related to his official release date. That is because, there are a few special considerations ranging from the maturation of the concept of service as well as anticipating the existence of similar cases currently being lively happened online transportation service related.

It also submitted that, until now, Grab hold of the majority of claims had been updating the market share of online services ride sharing in Indonesia. It reflected the magnitude of the user base of the grab application in 5 major cities, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali and Padang. In addition the variant service, Grab also is quite complete range from taxi, taxi to the message between the goods.

Forward party Grab will continue to develop this service so that it can operate and immediately utilized by Indonesia society. We just wait, and hopefully most importantly there is no longer a conflict fought in the realm of industry on this one. Because after all, later the most aggrieved are public as consumers.

Tips to Become a Confident Blogger

If you aspire to become a blogger, then one of the attitude that You always need to instill is confidence and a sense of confident with your ability. Why is this so? Because without an attitude like this then it is very difficult for you to be able to become a successful blogger.

While this is indeed not a few bloggers who are affected by the syndrome are less confident. This can be seen from some of his statements and demeanor as saying that her neophyte (newbie), or the shame of expression or opinion to consider others better than himself. Indeed it could just be low self-esteem by doing some things.

But it would be nice if you could not always be the case. Because you also need the attitude of other more important to bolster your blogging success, namely the attitude of confidence. But how to become a confident blogger? You can apply some of the following.

1. find the science and experience as much as possible

The first way to get to be a blogger who is confident this is to seek knowledge and experience as much as possible. Yes, as a blogger, you are indeed obliged to seek knowledge about the world of blogging seriously. Remember also that this #blogging in the world you are not alone, you are millions of bloggers who become competitors and Your competitors. So from that so that you are able to confidently on other bloggers, you inevitably have to equip themselves with knowledge and experience as much as possible.

Because without science and experience what you’d like to create a capital for confidence. Yes, only with the knowledge and experience that are beneficial, then you will be able to sail the world this blogging with a confidence and aplomb. But remember do not quickly complacency with the knowledge and experience already gained and one never puffed with science.

2. set Your Blogging Targets

After getting the science it is time for action. Yes indeed, the science must be put into practice, because without the practice of science will be wasted. How to do action or practice? Yes you should start blogging. To be able to make you more convinced and confident, try to make the target objectives aligned with the blogging blogging you.

Make the maximum target, do not create a target that is too easy and simple. Why should target high? If you have a high target then And will be encouraged to the maximum, and when you are able to achieve it then great self-confidence will arise by itself.

3. Challenge yourself On other things

Yes, a blogger does require a challenge to be able to foster a sense of trust. Not just with blogging, but set a target of bloggers can also challenged himself to write something more. For example if you usually only write about opinions or just another article rewrite, then try once in a while you are writing about works of journalism or writing in-depth literature study. Yes, in this way and you can do it, then you will automatically grow your confidence to become a great blogger and successful.

4. Set the Step Forward after the accession of

Lastly, how to become a successful blogger is to set a step forward after reaching a target. Despite having hit the target, you should not be complacency. It may just be that you have had a great self-confidence of capital, but if you then stop just up here then you will be exceeded by other bloggers and you will again slumped. Thus to foster this confidence you need to continue to have after the accession target achieved.

Here are some steps you can do to become a blogger who is full of confidence. From here you cannot feel free again to do tricks above. Try to grow your confidence to become a successful blogger and successful.